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SEO Benefits & Features


Rank at the top of Google and enjoy the free customers, clients and/or leads it brings along with it.


Being present on Google Search and Maps improve your branding and relevance.

A properly optimized website increases your site’s conversion rate and user experience.

Know Your SEO Score

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    Our SEO Blueprint

    We have everything you need to rank your business on Google

    We have been in business for almost a decade and we have built our own SEO Checklist to help businesses of all sizes, compete evenly with their top competitors.


    Our advanced SEO ranking strategies can be used individually or as a package. If you are concerned how you’ll start a campaign with us then please connect with us first through our Contact Page or send us a Quote Request and tell us what you have in mind.

    Keyword Research

    Choose Your Keywords Wisely

    Everything starts with Keyword Research. This is THE foundation of a successful campaign. Targeting the right set of Buyer keyword can definitely increase the conversion rate. Targeting the wrong ones can be both costly and time-wasting.

    Website Audit

    Website Audit is an important ranking process as it is about improving the quality of your website. We will produce a report that pinpoints all of the issues that need to be corrected and help you fix those critical ones that influence your website’s ranking on Google.

    OnPage Optimization

    Optimize Your Website Fully Create landing pages for your Primary or main keywords. Optimize all of the relevant static pages. Write compelling meta tags. Use keywords in your Titles, H1, H2 Tags, etc. This is a tricky business since you will have to produce content that caters to both the Google bots and human readers.

    Speed Optimization

    Improve Your Site’s Load Speed Website Speed is very important as it has a direct role in user experience. Identifying and fixing issues within your website that are causing it to load slowly can improve your overall Google ranking.

    GMB Optimization

    Improve Your Local Authority One of the most important tools to help you grow your business online is GoogleMyBusiness (GMB). Optimizing it properly by adding your business name, address, phone, website, hours of operation, business description, photos and video, facilitates customer interactions.


    Improve Your Local Authority

    Citations are Local Businesses’ best friend. It is a reference to your business’ Name, Address, Phone and Website and they are often found on business and web directories, social platforms, etc. Citations help web surfers find your local business and improve your overall ranking on Google.


    Get Quality Backlinks Backlinks or backlinking are obtained through dozens of ways and we are fully prepared in helping you gain quality backlinks to improve your site’s popularity and importance with search engines–and ultimately, your position on Google.


    Monitor and Control Reviews Having positive reviews not just in Google but from various review sites is an important factor in ranking on Google organically. What we have to offer is a tool that makes it easy for our clients to monitor their online reviews and for their customers to leave reviews.

    What We Can Do

    SEO Services and Addons

    Depending on your individual needs, we have various SEO services and add-ons to help you achieve prominent rankings on Google, improve your branding, and increase your conversion rate.


    We will BUILD, FIX and OPTIMIZE your citations to attract new customers from various high traffic directory sites as well as improve your local ranking on Google Search and Maps.

    We will BUILD backlinks to your website using high-quality sources to give you the reputation you need for the search engines to give you high rankings.


    We will monitor your online reviews and give your customers an easy way to leave reviews for your business.

    We will optimize certain elements of your website to improve its position on Google for your target keywords.

    We can strategize with you to help you produce the most optimal landing pages for your target keywords.

    We have tools to allow you to run email campaigns to your existing client database. Set up newsletters, promotions, offers, etc.

    Our Guarantee

    There is no IFs, ANDs and BUTs...your Business will be on the 1st Page of Google!

    If you allow us time to implement the SEO Best Practices on your website, provide us marketing materials and additional content for your website, and most importantly, give us access to your hosting and CMS to properly optimize it, then we can guarantee a first-page placement on Google for you. All we need is time!

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